What is Super Sewer?

Super Sewer is a combination of superior aerobic and anaerobic bacteria selected for their ability to degrade organic waste. Super Sewer is available in two variants:

GT 34 Super Sewer to be used to clear sludge and algae in sewerage systems

GT 35 Super Sewer Aquatic Friendly to be used at recommended dosages in dams and rivers that contain aquatic life. Naturally, this product can also be used in Sewerage Systems.

Enzymes produced by Super Sewer include: Protease which breaks down proteins

Lipase, which breaks down fats and greases Amylase, which breaks down carbohydrates

How Super Sewer works?

Spores germinate after contact with water. Bacteria grows in the sludge and produces a range of enzymes. The enzymes are released into the Sludge environment where they break down fats (oils, grease), proteins, other biological solids and all biodegradable material

Super Sewer is Safe for the Environment because: Bacterial species and are non-pathogenic and enzymes produced are neutralised

The sludge fighting process described:

Super Sewer digests the sludge, which shows a measurable drop in sludge volume within a matter of days. It also reduces and eventually eliminates odour and prevents sludge build-up and overflow.

Super Sewer's multiple benefits include the fact that it is:

  • 100% eco-friendly
  • Simple to use with no complicated training or engineering required
  • 100% safe to handle Produces no fumes or heat
  • And if used to manufacturer’s specifications, has no harmful effects on humans, plants or animals
  • It is cost effective and incurs no excessive logistics costs
  • And it boosts effectiveness and capacity of sewage treatment plants

Super Sewer can be beneficial to:

  • Public Health
  • Local Government
  • Waste Management companies
  • Environmental Management companies
  • Agriculture
  • And of course, Sewerage Treatment

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